Special places

Hanham Mount

This historic site is preserved by the local Council and under the oversight of the
Friends of Hanham Mount

The green beacon on the hill top can be seen from many miles away each night.


The new beacon which shines out from Hanham Mount, commemorating a special place from which the Gospel has been preached by early Baptists, George Whitefield, and John Wesley, was formally dedicated on Sunday, 20th July, 2008.

After a service lenew roomd by Rev. Dr David Hardy (right), the Chair of the South Gloucestershire Council, Councillor Brian Freeguard (left), unveiled a new plaque to mark the occasion.
(Also in the picture, Councillor John Goddard (centre), Chairman of the Friends of Hanham Mount.)

The New Room (John Wesley’s Chapel)

This well-preserved Georgian building in the Bristol city centre is open six days a week to visitors from round the world, but also is working to use its heritage for supporting the mission and witness which goes back to John Wesley and many others. If you scroll down this page you will see one recent event which was held there. Anyone who would consider helping as volunteer stewards and helpers are always welcome to speak to the Manager – you can contact him if you open the
New Room website

Charles Wesley’s House

A Georgian house in Charles Street in which Charles Wesley -the Hymnwriter, poet and generally good guy lived -is in the care of the Trust which looks after the New Room. Visits require special arrangements, and you can find out more by going to the New Room website

Other special places are to be found within our Circuit boundaries, but the humblest chapel to the major churches all seek to welcome and serve
**** When the Methodists in South Bristol were going to welcome new members into the Church, they chose to have one single confirmation service.
So they all went to the New Room