10 ways to reinforce your love

  1. Wonderful surprises
    baloonsSurprises don’t always have to be expensive gestures. You and your partner know each other well. You know their likes and dislikes. Their wishes and their dreams. If your partner likes chocolate, hide some wrapped chocolate around the house and let them find them. Send flowers to their workplace. Prepare a picnic and surprise them with lunch in the park. If you’re not sure, ask your partner what they like and share what you like too. If you see something that you know your partner would like, buy it. It might be red roses as a symbol of your love and passion or an outfit you noticed them look at when out shopping or tickets for their favourite band who are in town or lovely gift for her 30th birthday.
  2. Set up a romantic routine
    Do things for your partner on a regular basis. Leave love notes, send romantic text or voicemail messages they can access in their work breaks. Always kiss when you meet and when you say goodbye. If you are terrible at remembering significant dates, sign up to online card companies and fill in the dates for the year so they can send you a reminder.
  3. Be connected
    Be connected by phone, but also work on increasing your emotional connection. Tell your partner something you haven’t told any or many other people. Look into each others eyes. Lingering kisses and hugs instead of a hurried peck on the cheek. Flirt with each other. Reminisce about your first dates if you’ve been together a while, it’s fun and you’ll learn more about each other by the things you’ve individually remembered.
  4. Sex please!
    To make your love life unforgettable, meet your partner’s needs and they’ll be willing to meet yours. Gain skill in the things that make him or her happy. Ask what turns them on and oblige. Making this a priority will bring you closer together and will be fun too.
  5. Communicate well
    Share with your partner your dreams and desires. Your partner will want to support you and you can let them know how you think that may be possible. Don’t assume your partner is a mind-reader, let them know how you are feeling and say ‘Thank you’ when they have been supportive or have done something you appreciate.
  6. Sexual novelty
    Discuss your sexual needs openly and honestly. If you feel your love life needs a bit of variation and excitement, look for new ways to bring that into your intimate times. Share your fantasies. Do things differently, from the way you kiss your partner to the way you show love. Be imaginative.
  7. Challenge yourselves
    Do something together that challenges you both. Ride the roller coaster at a theme park or take a bungee jump if you like the rush of adrenaline. If you or your partner are more cautious, try challenges closer to earth. Join a local choir or learn a new language for your next holiday. Doing things together will reinforce the bond you already have.
  8. Communicate without words
    It is vital that you and your partner are comfortable to talk about anything. You can communicate without speech using all your senses. When you are at a party, give eye contact with your partner when you’re across the room. Wear the favourite scent that your partner likes. Feed your partner strawberries dipped in chocolate. Use all your senses so your partner sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels you.
  9. Make friends with your partner’s friends and family
    Your partner has important people in their life who they care about. Make an effort with your partner’s friends and family to be good company and to help when you can. Your partner will appreciate it when they see you care for their parents, friends, colleagues or pets.
  10. Create a memory box
    You and your partner will be creating new memories throughout your relationship. Take photographs and write your partner a love note to say thank you for the special times and great care and support they are to you. Create your own memory box for you to delve into in the future.


Chaplains at Bristol University’s Multifaith Chaplaincy were delighted to scoop a Bronze Award in theimg_2University’s Green Impact Awards Scheme.  Launched by the University to encourage its staff and students to improve their environmental performance, the Scheme resulted in over 1,000 sustainability actions being taken across the University.

The Multifaith Chaplaincy now has a dedicated ‘sustainability zone’ in its kitchen for the collection of plastic, glass, cans and composting materials, uses recycled paper for its printing, and has organic milk delivered in glass bottles.

Mrs Rachael Fletcher, the Free Church Chaplain (funded by the Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed Churches) was presented with the Award by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University.  She said: ‘The Multifaith Chaplaincy has a pastoral and prophetic role to play in the University community.  As a Christian Chaplain and a follower of Jesus, it was important for me to be involved in the Award Scheme as a witness to God’s love and care for his creation.’

Youth Assembly 2009

The Methodist Youth Assembly will happen from 13 to 15 November 2009 at Ushaw College Conference Centre, Durham, and is open to young people in the Methodist Church aged 11–23 years.youthgroup
Youth Conference is now Youth Assembly and is an opportunity for your voice to be part of the decision-making process in the Methodist Church.

We are looking for young people to attend Methodist Youth Assembly, either as delegates representing your district or general attendees.

What is Youth Assembly?

Youth Assembly is an exciting new event for 11-23 year olds. It is a chance to shout about real issues.

There is something for everyone to get involved with – exploring issues in an interactive and vibrant way through sports, multimedia, speakers and conversations.

It’s a chance to meet new and exciting young people, a chance to worship in a modern and relevant way and to learn about and participate in things you find important, in a fun and inclusive way.

Youth President

The Youth Assembly 2009 will elect two youth presidents – one interim president to cover 2009/2010 and a youth president to start from 1 September 2010 until 31 August 2011.

The youth president’s primary purpose is to enable, encourage, and enthuse young people both inside and outside of the Methodist Church by working with others in the implementation of the Connexional Participation Strategy in the Church and wider society.

Presents for Your Partner


For a majority of couples, there is nothing better than when your significant other can show you their token of appreciation. While a relationship is usually a signal of commitment and endearing love between two partners, maintain the passion after extended periods of time can be challenging due to temptations and other distractions. For this particular reason, it a good suggestion might be to offer your partner with some of well though gift that will contribute to the ever-growing sense of connection between the two of you. It is a well-known Christian principal that it is much better to give to others than it is to receive. A relationship involves a delicate balance of partners emotional and appreciation needs.

Presents for Your Partner
How to Express Love you Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Compose a song or poem

You do not have to be a professional singer or have experience in composing songs to come up with a good one to impress your partner. The added benefit is that nowadays, we have countless resources online that can help you in coming up with the excellent poem or song that will leave your pattern amazed. It is important to note, that coming up with a top quality song might take you some significant amount of time and consultation with relevant information sources. Furthermore, when composing the song, it is imperative that you have sufficient practice so that you can deliver the piece without minimal interruptions.

Give Gift

More importantly, another good suggestion for you might be to offer your partner with a well thought and chosen gift. However, do not mistake an expensive gift with a creative and well thought of the gift. Simply put, when it comes to rewarding your partner, you do not have to reach deep down into your pockets and to be able to impress. To be specific, carefully and dexterously developed art piece or souvenir may make a rewarding gift for your partner. A good suggestion would be to ensure that you have some insight into some of the preferences and needs of the partner and, therefore, customize the gift to suit their needs.

Take them out for a special meal

There is nothing better than going it out with a partner for an exclusive and well-prepared meal. More so, even a picnic out on the park with some good food might make a wonderful expression of love for your boyfriend or girlfriend. The key here is to ensure that your time out is well planned and features some form of unique addition such as individual matching clothing for the two of you or hidden relationship message that are placed at strategic positions that you the two of you will be dining.


Overall, when taken together, there are many countless strategies for expressing your love to partner. The above are just some of the exceptional ones that you should take into consideration for your relationship needs. More so, coming up with the appropriate gift for your partner might take some considerable time and effort on your part.

Meeting of Youth, Children’s and Young Adults Portfolio

The meeting took place at Hanham Methodist Church on Monday 22nd September, 2008 at 8pm.321

The meeting was convened to see what interest there is in this work at circuit level, and to try and establish a picture of what is happening.  Members of the meeting were asked to write on a board the children’s and youth work happening in their church -much was written!

There were 12 people present, many from one section of the circuit. It was agreed that one of the main things we need to do was to establish aims and objectives of the circuit group and for them to be agreed by the circuit meeting.

We had a discussion about what we could do realistically together for this group as a large circuit. It was agreed that we still need to do what we were doing but to invite others to attend. A good example of this is the St Andrew’s Church at Filton, the puppets group inviting people to an event on May 9th 2009 a training event for all puppet groups and evening all taking part in the Eurovision Fun night. This shows that these sorts of things we can do together. There will be other things in time.

We discussed the possibility of having Youth Worship and spent some time on this. It was agreed that it could be done….again organising and inviting young people to attend.

Gary is to establish with the circuit treasurer, the budget (if there is one) and how it can be used, with the circuit meeting – for example, to subsidise trips to events like The Bridge, and  Boys’ Brigade Firm Foundations, and any training churches need to do for its young church workers.

Action before Circuit Meeting:
Put together aims and objectives of the meeting
Establish the budget
Gary to find out more about what youth / children’s work is already happening.  If you want to invite me to your church to see please contact me. I may just drop in otherwise.

Gary also would like people to e-mail him if they were intending to be at the meeting and couldn’t make it because of the date clashing….and to show you are interested.
We desperately need to have youth on this group and also we need a name for it that is really upbeat too.