Meeting of Youth, Children’s and Young Adults Portfolio

The meeting took place at Hanham Methodist Church on Monday 22nd September, 2008 at 8pm.321

The meeting was convened to see what interest there is in this work at circuit level, and to try and establish a picture of what is happening.  Members of the meeting were asked to write on a board the children’s and youth work happening in their church -much was written!

There were 12 people present, many from one section of the circuit. It was agreed that one of the main things we need to do was to establish aims and objectives of the circuit group and for them to be agreed by the circuit meeting.

We had a discussion about what we could do realistically together for this group as a large circuit. It was agreed that we still need to do what we were doing but to invite others to attend. A good example of this is the St Andrew’s Church at Filton, the puppets group inviting people to an event on May 9th 2009 a training event for all puppet groups and evening all taking part in the Eurovision Fun night. This shows that these sorts of things we can do together. There will be other things in time.

We discussed the possibility of having Youth Worship and spent some time on this. It was agreed that it could be done….again organising and inviting young people to attend.

Gary is to establish with the circuit treasurer, the budget (if there is one) and how it can be used, with the circuit meeting – for example, to subsidise trips to events like The Bridge, and  Boys’ Brigade Firm Foundations, and any training churches need to do for its young church workers.

Action before Circuit Meeting:
Put together aims and objectives of the meeting
Establish the budget
Gary to find out more about what youth / children’s work is already happening.  If you want to invite me to your church to see please contact me. I may just drop in otherwise.

Gary also would like people to e-mail him if they were intending to be at the meeting and couldn’t make it because of the date clashing….and to show you are interested.
We desperately need to have youth on this group and also we need a name for it that is really upbeat too.